Alaska photos, 7/2003

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Inside the Talkeetna General Store

This Alaskan roofing technique really only seems to show up on tourist information centers. Every single tourist information center. I wonder how you mow it.

We weren't all that impressed by Fairbanks. Frankly, it looks like Pittsfield with 22 hours of daylight, which does it no favors. But there's a cool large animal research facility where you can meet caribou. Or reindeer. Hard to remember which is which, as they're actually subspecies of a single species.

The musk ox is neither an ox nor musky. Discuss.

The never-ending days in Fairbanks do pretty amazing things to the plants, as Rachel is discovering at the Fairbanks botanical gardens. Nice cabbages, huh?

Modern art in Chena Hot Springs

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