Here's a listing of references to HTML versions of our adcount pages. The HTML versions of these pages are extremely basic, because they're generated on the fly, no formatting, etc. They might get slightly prettier in the near future. One of my immediate plans is to write a perl script that allows for a counter of "ad hits per day". Not yet, though.

You may notice that there are no usernames in this log. This is a result of our decision to open the index pages for each service to the public. Any open page does not ask for the username from the browser and currently, that variable is not available to the adcount script. What this means is, I can't tell you who's clicking on an ad on an open page, even if that user has already authenticated with us. I'm trying to figure out ways to force this variable into play, but I can't think of any good ones. The good news is that an ad on a protected page WILL generate usernames, without any modifications to code.

Click away - please let me know if there are any problems with this page or the adcount code.

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