Page Enhancement Tools

In this corner of the Tripod Bazaar, you'll find toys and tools that will make your webpage a more exciting place to be. For great pagebuilding tips and tricks, check out Screenlife, Tripod's space for personal publishers.

Crescendo, from Live Update, is a neat little tool that lets you add MIDI music to your homepage. MIDI files are small and many of them are available for free on the 'net. Download the Crescendo plug-in for free and check out cool member pages that are MIDI enhanced. Or visit the store and buy enhanced plug-ins and collections of fine MIDI tunes.
Cool Tripod pages with Crescendo:

Download Crescendo for free!

Parable's Thingmaker lets you make things. What sort of things? Animated, musical things that move across your webpages, react to movements of the mouse and generally liven up your life and the life of anyone who encounters your page. Get the plugin and get in on the fun... or visit the store and get a Tripod discount on authoring tools to make your own things.

Tripod and Parable have teamed up to bring the Thing of the Year contest. Build the best thing we've ever seen, put it on your webpage and let us know about it. If you build the best thing we've ever seen, we'll give you a Trek mountainbike, a live llama and 47 quarts of Jell-O. So enter today!

Enter your page!

Xoom Software offers a collection of free images for use on your website. Sure, so what - so do 2000 other sites on the web. Well, Xoom offers 50,000 top-quality free images, and an additional 20,000 images for paying users. (Why yes, you do get a Tripod discount. Thanks for asking.) Check out the animated country and let your national pride show on your homepage. The Virtual Audio Library offers a wealth of auditory treats in a variety of formats, including .au, .wav and .midi. You're likely to find some homepage-enhancing gems here, or at the very least, a link to a site that will help you out.

Book of the Week
"Building Killer Websites" by David Siegal
Either you love this book or you hate it. That's the consensus of the book reviews on Amazon and of the Tripod staff. Either you find David Siegal's tips useful for creating elegant and simple sites, or you think his web endeavors are simplistic and lame. One way or another, since you found the book here, you'll get a great deal on it - a special price of $25.00 from AmaPod, the Tripod and Amazon online bookstore.

As a Tripod member, you can get discounts on over 100,000 cool titles from AmaPod. What! You haven't become a Tripod member yet? Rectify that situation immediately!

Download of the Week
BBEdit 4.0 from Bare Bones Software
The best reccomendation we can give: everyone who works on the Tripod website uses BBEdit every day. It's a text editor, it's an HTML authoring tool, it's a replacement for your word processor, and unlike a certain software package from a certain monolithic software empire we could mention, it uses very little hard drive space and memory. If you're serious about HTML, you gotta get it. Got it?
BBEdit Lite for Mac - Free
BBEdit Lite for Windows - Free
BBEdit for Mac - Free demo, then $57.95 for Tripod members
BBEdit for Windows - Free demo, then $57.95 for Tripod members and Tripod offer special discounts on thousands of software packages, only for Tripod members - Check it out!. Not a Tripod member yet? No problem.

Did we miss something? Page enhancement tool that we just have to feature here? Tell us about it and we'll see if we can feature it here. If you're a vendor with an appropriate tool you'd like to offer through Tripod, use this form to tell us about it - we'll get back to you just as soon as our current trading caravan returns across the Sahara from a salt-trading mission in Timbuktu.